New to Vaping? 4 Things to Know Before You Purchase

By Canada Ejuice Inc

This post will explore topics such as different elements that comprises the entire brand-new vape setup, how each piece works, a few of the various elements that can change your vaping experience, and how to knowledgeably and decisively pick the vaping devices that’s right for your requirements.

  1. How Does It Work?

The concise response is this: The tank of your vaping gadget holds the liquid of your option and the cotton wicks inside soak up the juice. When you trigger your gadget, the coils in the tank/clearomizer are warmed up, the juice vaporizes, and you breathe in the vapor.

The more complex response to the “how does it work” concern depends upon a range of various elements such as the kind of gadget you’re using, what tank your gadget is equipped with, the kind of the coils, therefore a lot more. That’s why we’ll now break this down even further so you can learn more about your vaping gadget even much better.

  1. What Is an Electronic cigarette Made from?

An electronic cigarette might appear complex however it’s truly an easy system that transforms liquid to vapor. There are various types of e cigarette to fit numerous requirements and types of usage.

The whole gadget, called the atomizer, can be found in 3 various types: the glassomizer, clearomizer, and cartomizer. Each e cigarette is comprised of the battery, also called the mod, the coils, and the tank. The battery powers the gadget, and can either be incorporated into the system or be exchangeable. The mod houses the battery and charges the gadget. The tank is the part that holds the wicks, the heating coil, and the e-juice.

  1. What Kind of Tank Should I Use?

It’s tough to state which element of vaping is essential as specialists all have various viewpoints, however we’ll begin with the tank as it’s the part of your gadget you’ll be most well-informed about.

Once again, there are several kinds of vape tanks to pick from however they all function in essentially the exact same method. They hold the electronic cigarette juice of your option and feed that juice either by cotton or wick to the coil which warms the juice to the point of vapor, which you breathe in.

For many individuals who are brand-new to vaping, the kind of tank is more about volume than anything else, however your budget plan and other aspects can enter play when picking your very first setup.

  1. When Should I Change The Coil?

Tanks and coils go together and as they’re probably the 2 crucial elements of your vape gadget. Simply like there are lots of variations of the tank there are variations of the coils. The coils will use down in time and needs to be changed and there are numerous methods of doing that.

You’ll understand that it’s time to change your coils when the quantity and taste of the vapor isn’t rather up to par. Depending upon the kind of atomizer you’re using, chaning the coil is a simple affair. You simply get rid of the base of the atomizer, get the coil, and after that screw in the brand-new one.

This is some trustworthy however extremely standard details for somebody who is brand-new to vaping. Obviously there are much more subjects to cover and if you have an interest in finding out more about what kind of vape setup is ideal for you, call us and we’ll be pleased to discuss things in more information. Up until then, pleased vaping!


Vaping Benefits – Why Switch or Start Today?

Vaping Benefits – Why Switch or Start Today?

Almost right after vaping rose in popularity as a way of smoking tobacco, the perks of vaping have also been recognized. These days, it seems that the number of vape users is starting to keep up with the number of smokers of traditional tobacco cigarettes.

While there is no better option between these two, you have to know and understand the top benefits vaping offers its users for you to come up with an informed decision.

Fun and Flexibility with Flavors

In general, cigarettes are available in two flavors, traditional and menthol tobacco cigarettes. On the other hand, vaping gives you lots of choices for flavors. Some of these include chocolate, vanilla, cherry, blueberry, strawberry, Turkish tobacco, watermelon, Cuban tobacco, clove, menthol, banana, apple, grapefruit, coconut, grape, lemon or lime, peach, orange, pineapple, and so much more.

You can also discover more flavors that you can experiment with to find the best flavor for you. The best thing is that you can also mix and prepare the right flavor combination you will love. Of course, this is no something you can do with the usual tobacco cigarettes.


Although prices of traditional tobacco vary depending on the region or country where you live, most tobacco products come with heavy prices, so it can get quite costly to afford a habit of cigarette smoking.

On the other hand, electronic vaping is considered a more cost effective way of smoking. Although the initial prices of pen-style vaporizers, vape modes, as well as other vapes tend to be pricier compared to one cigarette pack, they can last much longer, something being in service for months or even years.

Following the initial investment, the cost is reduced to only a fraction of the cost of conventional smoking. There are rechargeable batteries included in vapes, with e-liquid ranging from $10 to $25 that can last for months.

This means that heavy smokers will be able to save hundreds of dollars per year if they switch from cigarette packs bought several times per week to purchasing just a single vape liquid bottle or similar every month.

Control Nicotine Intake

In traditional tobacco cigarettes, you are aware that you will get a certain tobacco percentage each time you inhale. Much worse is that you might not even have any idea about the amount of tobacco inside each cigarette you are smoking.

Among the primary benefits of vaping is that ability of controlling the nicotine amount you will ingest. E-liquids have varied nicotine strengths that can range from 0 to 36mgs of nicotine.

In case you want to smoke with no nicotine at all, this is also possible. For those who prefer a stronger nicotine dose, choose the 36mgs. You could even experiment with the nicotine strength of your e-liquid to get the perfect dose for you.

Nasty Smell No More

The last, but definitely not the least reason smokers of traditional tobacco products switch to vaping is because of the traditional tobacco smoke’s unappealing smell. When you are a cigarette smoker, the smoke’s smell can linger on your hands, clothes, or hair for hours. To get rid of this nauseating smell of conventional tobacco smoke, switch to vaping that doesn’t create any lasting odor.