I review vaping devices

On the YouTube video's, I will be reviewing devices as I come across them and have them in my possesion to do so.

If you have a device you want me to review and you're a vendor, please email me to arrange a review: Justin@StormVape.net

I review free base and salt nic juice

On the channel, I will be reviewing free base as well as salt nic juices as I come across them.

If you're a vendor and want me to review you're juice on my channel, please contact me: Justin@StormVape.net to make arrangements.

We use our partner's site UsedVape.com's database to list all vaping trade fairs, vape expos, and vaping conventions that are happening in the vaping community worldwide. If you know of any vape events near you that you would like to promote, then click on UsedVape.com's Post with Us and fill the necessary information and your vape event will be listed on their website and it will be promoted throughout the UsedVape.com community.

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Vaping Definition

The process of inhaling and exhaling water vapor produced by vaporizing a flavored e-liquid (which may or may not contain nicotine) through an electric device called personal vaporizer or simply vape.

When a user inhales on the drip tip (aka the mouthpiece) of a vape, the battery supplies the power to the atomizer, which turns e-liquid filled in the tank into vapor. This vapor is then inhaled by the user and it reaches his lungs to give a sensation similar to smoking. Vaping is adopted as a nicotine fix and tobacco harm reduction, although many e-liquids come without nicotine while some allow you to choose the potency of nicotine.

Check out and SHARE this video with those that don't believe in or doubt vaping. This video is of Dr. Gopal Bhatnagar who is the head of cardiology in a hospital in Canada and has been a heart surgeon for 20+ years.

Niotine Warning