The Storm Vape Army is here! It is a Facebook based group. The Storm Vape Army is a large group for anyone that wants to be a part of Storm Vape Army and discuss anything and everything vaping.

The Army is a place to discuss vaping, get recommendations, spread ideas, talk about you're favorite E-Liquids, mods, tanks, salt nic devices, and win GIVEAWAYS!

Anyone that want's to join the Storm Vape Army will be vetted in before being excepted into the group by Justin Bailey, the owner/founder of Storm Vape.

Rules of the Storm Vape Army Group Chat:

1) No offensive language

2) No hate speech

3) No political talk

4) No sports talk

5) No harassment

6) Be Respectful

7) No pornographic material

8) No links to other website's unless approved by Justin Bailey (Any posted links without approval will be deleted and subject to your deletion from the group)

9) Any other infractions should be reported to Justin Bailey or Becky Wood and any other questionable material will be handled by them

10) And of course you must be 18 or older to be a member of the Storm Vape Army

There is a zero tolerance policy for the Storm Vape Army Group to sustain the integrity and professionalism of Storm Vape.

How To Become A Member

Put you're details in the message section and specify that you wish to join the Storm Vape Army. Also, include a link to you're Facebook profile page for proper vetting (you do this by going to your homepage on facebook, you're own personal page, and copy/pasting the link at the top of your address bar). Once we receive you're email with all of the information we have requested, you will receive a follow-up email with a few questions and to confirm that you have read the group rules and will abide by them. Once we receive you're reply, you will be sent an invitation to join the Storm Vape Army. We CANNOT add you to the Storm Vape Army unless you are friends on Facebook with Storm Vape owner/founder Justin Bailey.

Here is an image display of how to get your Facebook address. When you are logged into facebook, simply click "your name" that will take you to your page and copy the address at the top of the address bar as show highlighted in the image below:

Facebook Explanation

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